Business Bankruptcies, Reorganizations & Liquidations

 Foster Legal Services PLLC represents:

►Debtors and creditors in out-of-court workouts, designed to restructure the debtor’s debt without the need of court action.

►Debtors and creditors in Chapter 11 reorganization proceedings, in which a plan of reorganization is proposed to creditors, acceptance of the plan is solicited (after appropriate disclosures are made) and the plan is put into effect.

►Parties in all aspects of bankruptcy litigation, including preference, fraudulent conveyance and claims matters.

►Debtors, creditors and assignees in connection with assignments for the benefit of creditors, pursuant to which an insolvent company assigns all of its assets to an assignee who liquidates the assets and distributes the proceeds of such liquidation to creditors.

►Parties attempting to purchase assets or entire businesses out of bankruptcy proceedings or in connection with assignments for the benefit of creditors.


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